Apps in the Classroom – Jasmine YouTube Client

This is just a quick post to highlight my favorite YouTube app on the iPad: Jasmine ($Free). It has several key features that make it perfect for teachers and great to use in the classroom.

Of course, this might be a good time to remind you that the best option for showing videos to students from a PC is to filter the video through or to download the video file itself via the Amerigo app.

But sometimes you need to be able to hunt down a video spontaneously without having a chance to utilize either of those other options, so Jasmine is your next best bet.

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Apps Outside the Classroom – Amerigo Downloader – UPDATED 2/28/2014

The Internet can be a great tool, but many teachers are not confident enough in their ability to block out unwanted content. They avoid using the internet out of fear of something inappropriate popping up mid-lesson. This is especially common with regards to all the video content available on YouTube and other sites. Some teachers just don’t want to take the risk. Other teachers don’t mind the risk, but they worry about their internet connection stuttering or failing mid-video.

The solution? Find the videos during a planning period and save them to your hard drive with the Amerigo app ($4.99).

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