Apps in the Classroom – Photoblogging With Storehouse

Many teachers want to show students how to run blogs or create published web content as part of their curriculum (especially in middle and high school). I have already discussed the rather convoluted method of maintaining a class blog using WordPress, but there are simpler and more creative solutions available, as well. Storehouse, for example, is a free app that allows students to publish and share semi-private photoblog posts. They are really easy to make and they look great.

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Apps in the Classroom – Toontastic

Today’s app is a fun way of teaching your students about setting, plot, climax, resolution, and other important literary terms. Toontastic is an app that lets students create their own cartoons and animations. It is a heftier investment than many apps we cover on this blog at $19.99 (although there is a free version available for you to use to test it out), but if you want a well-made and fun app for your students to use to create some really interesting and unique projects/presentations, then it is worth the money.

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Apps in the Classroom – Running a Class Blog with WordPress

Since you are sitting there reading this WordPress blog, I am going to assume you are at least partially familiar with WordPress as a site and blogging in general. For English teachers, having a class blog is a good way to give your students some extra writing practice in a low-stakes environment. If your students have iPads, there are a few apps that can make blogging really easy and even exciting for students.

Here is how I set up and utilize a class blog with my fifth grade students. Obviously this can work for any higher grade levels, as well:

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