Paperless Quizzes Using Google Forms (that GRADE THEMSELVES)

Ready to get rid of Scantrons and save yourself a bunch of time and paper? Today we are going to combine the robust features of Google Docs with a classroom full of iPads to create auto-grading paperless quizzes. Less time spent grading and managing paperwork means more time teaching, and we can all get excited about that!

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Apps in the Classroom – Sporcle

This one is a bit different. is a website focused on user-submitted timed quizzes. The corresponding Sporcle app ($1.99) allows users to access and attempt a collection of these quizzes from the iPad. Although many of the quizzes focus on irrelevant pop culture trivia (TV show characters, names of Harry Potter spells, etc), there is also a wide assortment of academically-relevant challenges that teachers could creatively use in their classrooms.

Allow me to give you a walkthrough.

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