Auto Play & Transition Keynote for iPad Video Slides Longer Than 60 Seconds.

Keynote for iPad is a staple in schools with iPad programs. Students are presenting to the class more and more with projects created all from an iPad. One great feature of keynote is its ability to embed video in a slide and at the end of the video, transition to the next slide. It just makes your presentation so much smoother and can make the whole thing play without any interaction. This is useful for getting everything in with a given amount of time or looping the presentation at your baking soda volcano exhibit. On keynote for mac you get 600 seconds to allow for this, on an iPad you get just 60.

Well with a little creative thinking, you can make this much longer.

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Apps Outside the Classroom – Transferring Media Between Devices

Easy Media Transfer: my preferred option.

My students make a lot of media projects. I am always having them use their iPad to interview their grandparents, film commercials about the importance of recycling, act out scenes from books they've read, create photo stories, create their own iBooks, and much more. All of these projects require photos and videos and sometimes the file sizes can become extremely large.

If students are working together in a group and need to collaborate and share pictures or video clips in order to make their final project, they are sometimes unable to transfer the media by using email or iMessage (due to file size or video length restrictions). Another problem is how to get these final projects onto a computer since we block the students from syncing their school iPads with their personal iTunes.

The fast and easy solution is to use one of several cheap media transfer apps available in the AppStore. I'll give you a rundown of how these apps work (they are all identical) and then give you AppStore links to 3 of them so you can pick whichever you want or keep an eye out for a sale or freebie.

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