Microsoft Office for iPad (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote)

Microsoft has just recently released iPad apps for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. These aren't just sloppy ports of the Windows programs, either. These apps were designed from the ground-up to work efficiently on the iPad and with touch controls. I was able to download them and check them out, and here are my impressions.

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Apps in the Classroom – Advanced Dropbox for Teachers

* We have a more recent post that offers a comprehensive guide to cloud storage. *

Hopefully by now you already have a Dropbox account. Even if you do not have an iPad, Dropbox is an invaluable tool for teachers (especially if you have a work computer and a home computer, or a desktop and a laptop). If you don't already have it, use this link to sign up and install it on your PC or Mac and then come back to this post once you are done that step.

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Okay, so you have a Dropbox account now? Good. Let me show you some of the advanced ways to use it in a classroom (especially if you have an iPad).

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iCloud – Use It …it’s free…

This is how I explain using iCloud & why to parents, students & staff.

This is very important as not doing so can cause the iPad to be wiped out when installing school related apps since there is no backup to restore it from. iCloud is a free service that comes from Apple when you register for an Apple ID. Please, check your child’s iPad for the iCloud Backup setting and make sure it is on. See below.

Set Up Restrictions

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