A Letter Home… iPad Letter sent to parents on settings required and why.



I wanted to share a letter we are sending out to all our families in our schools iPad program. Some parents are reluctant to have their children have an Apple ID and email address. This letter is to help them understand why they are required.iPads at COK-SM - What you Need to Know!-1

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iPad Implementation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Over the past several years, I have visited several schools to talk about iPads. I am often called in to talk to a school in the early stages of implementation. Usually, the teachers have only had their personal iPads for a few months and the student iPads or cart iPads are still in the future.

This is the perfect time to host a professional development session. This gives me (or whoever offers it to your school) the opportunity to save your school and teachers a lot of time. We can warn you away from the mistakes we have made, and we can point you directly towards solutions that might have taken us months to stumble upon ourselves.

Below is a list of the most common questions I receive from teachers and administrators at these early training sessions.

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Creating Your Own Mobile iPad Cart / Lab / Charging Station

Our school has around 600 students. The middle school kids (grades 5 – 8) have individual iPads, but students in 4K, 5K, and 1st through 4th grades have to share a mobile iPad cart. The first cart we purchased was the “official” one provided by Apple, but it was not enough to provide access for 18+ lower school teachers.

We needed a second cart, but we didn’t want to pay a large sum of money for another official machine from Apple. So we made our own. Here is how we did it. Continue reading

Collecting iPads at the End of the Year

After a year of utilizing iPads in the classroom, exploring students’ potential using technology, discovering new apps and new assessments strategies, and marveling at the creativity of kids of all ages, the school was left with one final, tricky, and massive iPad challenge: collecting all ~300 student iPads.

This challenge was compounded by the fact that we had to collect them AFTER exams were over, but BEFORE the kids left for the summer. Add in the students that exempted, eighth grade graduation being the day before exam make-up day, and several teachers being unsure of some of the collection requirements, and you have quite a dilemma on your hands. Here is how we approached it…

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Creating and Sharing Group eMails

Having a group email list on my iPad is a real time saver. I can type a few letters of our school name in the “To:” files of my email and quickly get a list of groups I have created so I can send an email to a bunch of people at once. The initial set up of this is kinda confusing but pay attention and I'll walk you through it. Once it's done, however, you can easily edit it to keep it up to date and you can quickly share it. Do it once and it works for everyone. For large lists you'll want a computer with MS Word or Apple Pages installed.

So, it's hard to see in the pic but in a new message I have typed the first few letters of my school name and I already see “SCHOOL All & SCHOOL Teachers”. One is everyone that works at the school and one is just the teachers at the school. Creating the list is either super easy and fast or time consuming depending on your IT person. Continue reading