Apps in the Classroom – Splash Math

Splash Math is a series of apps that helps elementary school students practice pretty much every math skill imaginable. It is basically a collection of quizzes/worksheets that are dressed up with fancy graphics and animations, but the kids love it! Not only that, but the apps have some excellent stat tracking and other educational features that make it perfect for use in a classroom as a reward for early finishers or as a station in a small-group classroom setting.

Let me walk you through the features, and then I will give you links to all possible versions of the app at the end of the post (they even have demo versions available).

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Apps in the Classroom – Stack the States & Stack the Countries

Let's talk about games. Educational games. Students love the idea that they get to “play games” on their iPads, and teachers love to subversively teach students important concepts in a fun way. The app store is filled with a great collection of educational games (many aimed at younger students), and our school is totally okay with students installing and utilizing them during free time, between classes, or after school.

Currently, two of the most popular are Stack the States ($0.99) and Stack the Countries ($1.99). The students love these games. A lot. Even kids as young as seven (2nd grade) are really, really into them.

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Apps in the Classroom – Sporcle

This one is a bit different. is a website focused on user-submitted timed quizzes. The corresponding Sporcle app ($1.99) allows users to access and attempt a collection of these quizzes from the iPad. Although many of the quizzes focus on irrelevant pop culture trivia (TV show characters, names of Harry Potter spells, etc), there is also a wide assortment of academically-relevant challenges that teachers could creatively use in their classrooms.

Allow me to give you a walkthrough.

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