Locking Down Student iPads vs. Trusting Students to Behave

When our school began its 1-to-1 iPad program for our fifth through eighth grade students, we were faced with the same decision every school faces: just how much do we lock down these devices? We had already written up a solid acceptable use policy (that all students and parents had to sign), we had robust internet filtering at the school, we could monitor the iPads via Meraki, we had turned on age restrictions for all features, and we had collected the appropriate insurance money for repairs. But we still had to decide: what do we lock down on the device itself? Facetime? iMessage? The App Store?

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Enabling Restrictions!


This a version of an email sent to Parents of my school:Although we have set up numerous restrictions on the students' iPads through internet filtering (while at school), iOS monitoring, age-appropriate ratings for apps & media, and app blocking, students still have the freedom to download any apps that do not violate any of these restrictions. The school has decided to allow students this freedom as it increases student creativity and enthusiasm. It also makes it much easier for the students, teachers, and the school to find worthwhile apps that can be utilized in the classroom. Once those apps are found, the current settings make it much easier to have entire classes of students install these apps (especially if they are free).However, we fully understand that some parents might desire a stronger level of control over their child's iPad usage. For that, we strongly recommend

the parent restrictions on your child's iPad. To do so, follow these steps: 1) Click on “Settings”2) Under “General” in the Settings menu, click on “Restrictions” in the list on the right half of the screen.3) Click “Enable Restrictions” at the top.Set-Up-Restrictions-4

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