Creating Your Own Mobile iPad Cart / Lab / Charging Station

Our school has around 600 students. The middle school kids (grades 5 – 8) have individual iPads, but students in 4K, 5K, and 1st through 4th grades have to share a mobile iPad cart. The first cart we purchased was the “official” one provided by Apple, but it was not enough to provide access for 18+ lower school teachers.

We needed a second cart, but we didn’t want to pay a large sum of money for another official machine from Apple. So we made our own. Here is how we did it. Continue reading


iPad Cart Guide – Managing Maintaining – App Distribution in iTunes

iPad Cart Management – How it’s done right.

Here I’ll show you how I maintain an iPad cart. It has 23 iPads in it. At one point I had them setup using only Apple Configurator as Apple suggests but I have found that after having to borrow iPads from the cart for other reasons and replacing them with iPads that were not originally part of the cart and the terrible way Configurator handles app licenses, I had to start using a combination of iTunes and Configurator. iTunes to load the software and Configurator to name them. Normally, you would only use Apple Configurator and install the app through it using a spreadsheet downloaded from your VPP account. See my post, VPP Apple Configurator & Multiple Carts or Locations | SchooliPads.

NOTE: I‘m using a Mac with iTunes 11.0.2 and Configurator 1.2.1. This process should work for Windows but without Configurator, the fast wipe and naming of the iPads will have to be done individually.

This seems complicated the first time but after you do it once or twice it kinda makes sense, so here we go.

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