Using Your iPad As a Live Camera for Presentations

We have over 600 students in our school and every week we have an assembly in our enormous gymnasium. Sometimes we have students give presentations or win awards that are very hard for the rest of the student body to see from the bleachers in the back of the room. So I just wanted to write up a quick post showing a pretty obvious-once-you-see-it way to help the whole school see what is going on using an AppleTV.

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Apps Outside the Classroom – Flickr Studio (and an Alternate Use for AppleTV)

Our school found itself with an extra HDTV and an AppleTV, so we came up with a very clever use for them. Along the way, we discovered a useful new app that lets us create a really cool tech-centered visual for all new parents and families walking into the school.

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Apps in the Classroom – The Camera and the Homework Board

The best thing about having iPads in the classroom is when students come up with ideas that hadn't even occurred to me. One of the rather simple things that I didn't anticipate is how easy it would become for students to keep track of their homework and calendars.

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