Apps in the Classroom – Photoblogging With Storehouse

Many teachers want to show students how to run blogs or create published web content as part of their curriculum (especially in middle and high school). I have already discussed the rather convoluted method of maintaining a class blog using WordPress, but there are simpler and more creative solutions available, as well. Storehouse, for example, is a free app that allows students to publish and share semi-private photoblog posts. They are really easy to make and they look great.

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Apps in the Classroom – Explain Everything

When people ask me to recommend a whiteboard app for the classroom, I usually recommend Educreations. It is free and super easy to use. My students use it to write answers down during class review games and my coworker uses it to record her fifth grade math lessons.

But someone recently pointed out that Educreations can be inconvenient when trying to keep track of your different projects and demonstrations within the iPad. They were looking for a more robust whiteboard app that also saved projects for future editing in an easy and intuitive way.

For that I recommend Explain Everything ($2.99).

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Paperless Quizzes Using Google Forms (that GRADE THEMSELVES)

Ready to get rid of Scantrons and save yourself a bunch of time and paper? Today we are going to combine the robust features of Google Docs with a classroom full of iPads to create auto-grading paperless quizzes. Less time spent grading and managing paperwork means more time teaching, and we can all get excited about that!

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Apps in the Classroom – Showbie

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to cover Showbie. We just discovered this app during a PD meeting a few weeks ago. I immediately instituted it in my classroom, trained the students how to use it, and have not looked back since. It allows for incredibly easy document distribution to students and paperless assignment collecting/grading for teachers. It is intuitive, easy, useful, and pretty much free to use.

This app is absolutely essential for any 1:1 iPad classroom at any and all grade levels. I feel like a total iPad amateur for having gone a whole year without utilizing this app before now.

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Apps in the Classroom – The Camera and the Homework Board

The best thing about having iPads in the classroom is when students come up with ideas that hadn't even occurred to me. One of the rather simple things that I didn't anticipate is how easy it would become for students to keep track of their homework and calendars.

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Apps in the Classroom – neu.Annotate+

I mentioned neu.Annotate+ ($1.99) briefly in my post about Dropbox, but I wanted to give it a little more attention all by itself. It is one of the most frequently used apps in my fifth grade classroom and probably throughout our entire middle school.

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