iPad Setup for Individual Classrooms Managed by the Teacher


So, these are a lot of words but not a lot of time. Having to spell out each touch makes this seem like a lot but it’s really not. Total time, minus the actual App installs, is maybe 10 minutes.

iPads in a classroom are the new boardgames, (educational of coarse), and as teachers, you want to have control over what is played in your classroom and not rely on the IT Guy every time you come across an App you would like for your classroom.

This guide is how I tell my teachers to setup iPads so they become living machines. Changing content when you want and not through a trouble ticket.

I am just copying and pasting the directions I sent out to our classrooms that got 5 iPads for their rooms, each. Your exact needs might not be here but you can adapt… Read everything first!

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A Letter Home… iPad Letter sent to parents on settings required and why.



I wanted to share a letter we are sending out to all our families in our schools iPad program. Some parents are reluctant to have their children have an Apple ID and email address. This letter is to help them understand why they are required.iPads at COK-SM - What you Need to Know!-1

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Tips for Initial Teacher iPad Training / Professional Development

When introducing iPads into a school, you can be sure that there will be a lot of concerned teachers. Many worry that they will not understand the technology, or they are afraid that the students will “outsmart them” or make them look silly or ignorant. Others are more traditional and are simply not excited abut having to adapt to this new technology.

But the fact is that this technology is here to stay. This sort of stuff is the future and even if the teachers or older generations don’t care for it, current students will need to know how to utilize this technology for their eventual careers. It would be a travesty for schools not to do their best to teach with these tools to help prepare kids for a tech-heavy future.

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Replace a student or staff iPad in 10 minutes or less.

With a school of 350+ iPads, there are going to be breaks. When one of our iPads is damaged we are quick to replace it. We started off with 5 spares to be swapped out so the student didn't miss anytime. As we are trying to go as paperless as possible and have as much school work done on the iPad as possible, downtime is bad for everyone. Now that I have exhausted our spares they are swapped for repaired iPads. We have a local repair shop replacing the screens.

This process used to take me quite a while when I was using Apple Configurator to help manage the lot but now just using iCloud and Meraki MDM, I have this down to just a few minutes handling the device.

I created a simple form that the student and teacher can fill out before bringing me the iPad that needs replacing.

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Mobile Device Management MDM … A brief overview of what I use.

MDM is pretty much required if you have more than 50 devices to manage. I’m going to do a brief look in to how I use it and go in to more detail in sections later.

I use Meraki (It’s Free)! I was set to use Casper but they needed like 2 months to come to our site to configure a few thing so I started looking at other options and found Meraki.

I can’t get in to to much detail here but setup was easy, no one had to come to our site and the tech support was great. Their idea is, that if you youse their MDM then maybe you’ll buy their hardware. Anyway…

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Setting Up an Email Account and Apple ID

Here is a letter sent to parents before the start of school so they show up with their email and Apple ID ready to go:

Setting Up an eMail Account

Before your student even walks into school on the first day, they should have an email address and an AppleID already set up. This will make it much easier for them to set up their school-issued iPad and will reduce the amount of class time spent on the setup process.

Setting Up a Free Email Address

Although parents are welcome to set up an email account for their child with any provider they want, the school highly recommends using Gmail (http://www.gmail.com/) for your free account. Gmail has basically unlimited space, plenty of great features, and can be synced to an iPad with almost no hassle. Please follow these steps to set up your free account for your student:

Go to http://www.gmail.com and click “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” in the top right corner.

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