Apps in the Classroom – Pic Collage

Pic Collage (Free, but beware in-app microtransactions for “Sticker Packs”) is one of those apps that most students have already heard of, already use, and already love. However, many teachers either don't know about it or don't realize how it can be used in the classroom.

Let's take a look.

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Apps in the Classroom – Stack the States & Stack the Countries

Let's talk about games. Educational games. Students love the idea that they get to “play games” on their iPads, and teachers love to subversively teach students important concepts in a fun way. The app store is filled with a great collection of educational games (many aimed at younger students), and our school is totally okay with students installing and utilizing them during free time, between classes, or after school.

Currently, two of the most popular are Stack the States ($0.99) and Stack the Countries ($1.99). The students love these games. A lot. Even kids as young as seven (2nd grade) are really, really into them.

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WD MyCloud Server and the MyCloud iPad App UPDATE:12/5/2013

My school has a 3TB “General Share” server that houses all our teachers' “My Documents”. The files can be accessed from any computer connected to the network, but not from the iPads. This has been one of our major roadblocks with iPad implementation in our school. Teachers don't want to use the iPad if they can't painlessly access their computer's documents!

We have tried many different solutions. We tried convincing our teachers to install personal Dropbox accounts, but many of our less tech-savvy had trouble keeping the account synced up. We added Google Apps integration into our website and management systems (giving all the teachers 15GB of Google Drive space), but we've hit the same roadblocks as with Dropbox.

Just last week, however, we stumbled on a promising new option: the WD MyCloud server (3TB = $179) with its free corresponding iPad app.

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Apps Outside the Classroom – Scanning Documents and Creating PDF’s

FasterScan HD+ = The best scanning app our school has found thus far.

One thing a lot of teachers probably wish they had in the classroom is a fully-featured scanner. If you have iPads in the classroom, having a scanner would let you create digital copies of all those primary documents, old worksheets, and other resources you've amassed throughout the years. You could easily share copies of this stuff via a classroom website or resource folder without having to waste the time or paper running to the copy room. Students could just load up the scanned material on their iPads.

Well, if you have an iPad, then you have a scanner.

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Lock iPad to an App Natively from Settings

Wether you have a youngster who can't help hitting the Home button or just a child with a little ADD, this little tip can help you keep em on task. This can be done on a large scale via Meraki MDM but it can be a little time consuming and may be a little more than you need. For a small class to a single student this is a quick setup you can do to lock their iPad to a specific App.

Lets open up Settings – General – Accessibility. Scroll to the bottom to Guided Access.

Flip on Guided Access and enter a passcode only you know.

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