In-Person Professional Development Sessions

Reading assessment tips and app lists on a website is one thing, but eventually your teachers and staff are going to need some in-person professional development training on how to properly utilize iPads in the classroom. Whether your school is planning a 1:1 iPad environment, a multi-cart rollout, or even a small pilot program in a single classroom, we are available to visit your school and help you get the wheels rolling.

We are more than happy to come and talk to your faculty about any of the following:

  • Basic iPad functionality, account setup, and navigation
  • Small- and large-scale infrastructure concerns
  • Monitoring students and securing the iPads
  • iPad Classroom management
  • Going paperless
  • Assessment ideas utilizing the iPad
  • Best apps to use in the classroom
  • In-depth walkthrough of a few select apps for more detailed training

We are available for either half-day or full-day sessions for private and public schools in and around South Carolina. Schools in neighboring states are also eligible if travel expenses are covered.

Although we both have expertise in all topics related to iPads, Mr. Zimmerman’s focus is on the classroom while Mr. Atha’s focus is on the infrastructure. We are available to visit your school either together or as individuals depending on your needs.

Please contact us ( to schedule a session and discuss pricing. We look forward to assisting you with your iPad implementation!


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