About the Authors


Dan Atha

I am the sole IT Department for a school of 650+. I have 350+ iPads in the school which I maintain. I learned a lot about how to keep up with so many. 5th – 8th Grade all have a loaned personal iPad they keep with them 24/7. Using a combo of Apple Configurator, iTunes & Meraki’s MDM, I feel, I have a pretty good handle on it. I’ll try to document it on the blog schoolipads.wordpress.com Ask questions to help me know what you would like to see or need help with. I am also available for private consultation. Feel free to email me.

You can email Dan here.

Steven Zimmerman

I am a fifth grade teacher at the same school as Dan. I have had a personal iPad in the classroom for several years, I have an AppleTV and AirServer set up to help project my screen, and my 20+ fifth grade students all have iPads as well. It has been a lot of fun using these devices in the classroom. I am pretty good with this technology and have found lots of different ways to use it in the classroom. While Dan will focus more on the technical stuff, I can provide a teacher’s point of view about using these devices specifically with students.

Steven can be emailed here.


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