iPad Setup for Individual Classrooms Managed by the Teacher


So, these are a lot of words but not a lot of time. Having to spell out each touch makes this seem like a lot but it’s really not. Total time, minus the actual App installs, is maybe 10 minutes.

iPads in a classroom are the new boardgames, (educational of coarse), and as teachers, you want to have control over what is played in your classroom and not rely on the IT Guy every time you come across an App you would like for your classroom.

This guide is how I tell my teachers to setup iPads so they become living machines. Changing content when you want and not through a trouble ticket.

I am just copying and pasting the directions I sent out to our classrooms that got 5 iPads for their rooms, each. Your exact needs might not be here but you can adapt… Read everything first!

Set up your first iPad (only do this on one):
Slide to setup (to start fresh if you have already tried to setup but failed – In Settings: Go to general – Reset – Erase All Content and Settings.)

Choose English (or your language)

Choose United States (or your country)

Choose HOGWARTSWIFI – Password is potterstinks

Enable Location Services

Set Up as New iPad

Next –

Create a Free Apple ID

Enter your Birthdate

Your Name

Get a free iCloud email address

Create a class email address:

Make it permanent. Do not use your room number or anything else that might change. An Example of a good one: “ProfSnapesClass@iCloud.com”. If Professor Snape ever gets that Dark Arts gig, he will not need to change the name of his iCloud address.
Create a password and write it down. Must be at least 8 characters and contain a capital letter and a number. It is case sensitive! i.e. Potter8Gilly

Enter security questions.

Write down your answers.

Enter a rescue email address: like personal or school.

Email updates. (up to you)

Agree – Agree –

Use iCloud


Upgrade to iCloud Drive (if asked)

Don’t add Passcode (more trouble than it’s worth)

Get Started

Download your first FREE app.

Enter Apple ID and Password

Message: This Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes Store. Touch, Review

United States – next

Agree – Agree

Check None for payment

Enter Billing Address, use the school address if you want.

Congratulations. Done. (not really)

Enter Apple ID, again.

Require after 15 minutes.

Set up the iPad with all the apps you want and in their folders, if you want to set folders for Games or Math or English or History or Potions or Whatever. Just drag one app onto another to create the folder. Add more apps to the folder by dragging them to the folder.

If there is an app that requires purchase, send me a link to the app and I will send you a redeem code for it. Do not just use the app name as many have the same name. Name of app and who made it is also acceptable.

Backup the iPad to iCloud

Settings – iCloud – Backup – Back Up Now

After the back up completes – Turn off iCloud Backup

Hand to student.

When the iPads become messed up and full of junk from playtime & selfies, the iPads can then be wiped and restored using your original iPad setup so they will be like they were on day one with your apps. If you leave backup on, the iPads will make a new backup every night and you may lose your original setup.

For the remaining 4 iPads. Use the restore method below but start at Slide To Setup. If they were already setup but need to be refreshed, start from, In Settings.

To restore an iPad from iCloud:

In Settings: Go to general – Reset – Erase All Content and Settings.

After reboot.

Slide to Setup.

Choose English

Choose United States

Choose HOGWARTSWIFI – Password is potterstinks

Enable Location Services

Restore from iCloud Backup

Sign in with your Classroom Apple ID

Agree – Agree –

Choose your Backup you made from the first iPad.

The settings will download, the iPad will reboot and your apps will begin downloading to the same folders or pages you set from the original iPad.

Unlock the iPad

After a few configuration pages which just require you to touch Next, you will be asked to enter the password for your Apple ID, again.


As they restore you can go into Settings – iCloud – Backup, and turn off backup.

Let it run over night. Depending on how many apps need to download, it may take a while.

Hand to student.


If you wish to add more apps later or remove apps, do it then create a new backup in iCloud and turn it off again.


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