Apps Outside the Classroom – Convert Videos

Today I just wanted to do a quick post pointing you towards a handy app I used this past week. A coworker of mine had used Amerigo to rip some video clips off of, but they were saving as a format that the iPad could not read. The clips were useless: they couldn’t be viewed on the iPad or incorporated into other apps (such as Pinnacle). She needed a simple way of converting the ripped files into a format that could be used in iOS.

Conveniently, there is a very straightforward app called Convert Videos available in the app store for just $3.99.

The app is very bare bones and simple. You simply open a video file from your camera roll (or use “Open In Another App” from the original location). You pick what new format you want to convert to and then hit “Start Converting”. The app sends the file to a remote server, converts it, then provides you with a link to the new file (which you can then save to you camera roll or whatever you need to do).

It is limited to videos under 100 mb, but that should be sufficient for whatever class project you need this app for. My coworker was able to convert the clips then put them in a shared Dropbox folder for her students to access. It took five minutes and their classwork could proceed as normal.

It is very basic stuff, but a good tool to have available!


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