Apps in the Classroom – Explain Everything

When people ask me to recommend a whiteboard app for the classroom, I usually recommend Educreations. It is free and super easy to use. My students use it to write answers down during class review games and my coworker uses it to record her fifth grade math lessons.

But someone recently pointed out that Educreations can be inconvenient when trying to keep track of your different projects and demonstrations within the iPad. They were looking for a more robust whiteboard app that also saved projects for future editing in an easy and intuitive way.

For that I recommend Explain Everything ($2.99).

Explain Everything can be intimidating at first. There are an awful lot of buttons and a whole lot of features you will have to mess around with to fully understand.

Luckily for you, I have this helpful picture to point out everything this app can do:

It wasn’t until later that I realized I typoed laser pointer. Forgive me.

Here are some ideas for utilizing this app in the classroom and for assessments:

  1. Record yourself giving explanations of complicated classroom concepts like your own personal Khan Academy. You can upload the demonstrations to a class YouTube page that all the students have bookmarked for reference. They can watch the videos at home if they are struggling with homework or while studying.
  2. Go a step further and completely “flip the classroom.” Record the entire lecture, have students watch it at home before class, and then use your class time for practice and assessment.
  3. Have students use the app to explain class concepts and show their understanding of topics in math, science, grammar, or anything else. The best way to learn material is to try to explain it to others. This idea could work for any grade levels (even as young as kindergarten) and any subject once you teach the students how to use the app.
  4. For the artistic types, students could make rudimentary comics/cartoons by inserting clipart or pictures of characters and then animating the scenes while recording the dialogue or narration.
  5. Younger students could make animated “cards” for their friends or family members for holidays, birthdays, or anything else. They could save the finished product to their camera roll and then play them back to their parents after school.

Below is an example of a video you can make using Explain Everything. I animated and recorded this right within the app and then directly uploaded it to a YouTube channel:

As you can see, this is a great tool to have in your collection. Just be sure to give yourself some time to get a good handle on it. Do not be intimidated upon first booting it up.

Please let us know if you have any other suggestions or questions regarding this app in the comments below.


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