Using Your iPad As a Live Camera for Presentations

We have over 600 students in our school and every week we have an assembly in our enormous gymnasium. Sometimes we have students give presentations or win awards that are very hard for the rest of the student body to see from the bleachers in the back of the room. So I just wanted to write up a quick post showing a pretty obvious-once-you-see-it way to help the whole school see what is going on using an AppleTV.

First, we built a mobile projection cart. This might not be necessary if your school has ceiling-mounted projectors in every room, but we still have a few places (like the gym) where there is no permanent projector.

This mobile cart has a permanently connected AppleTV, a VGA cable for laptops, and even a portable DVD player. All the wiring is set up and out of the way, so a teacher can pull it out of the closet, plug it in, and be ready to project something in under two minutes:

The AppleTV strapped to the side.

The converter box needed to plug an AppleTV into a VGA port.

The wired back of the projector and the laptop shelf.

This past week, we had some lower school students giving a presentation of their Lego League creations. We put their contraptions on the stage, but none of the students in back of the room could see them. The solution?

We set up the projector, turned on the AppleTV, and had a student mirror an iPad to the screen. Then they just loaded up the iPad camera and aimed it at the Lego creations as the kids gave their presentation so everyone could see.

As I said, it is pretty obvious once you think about it. All the students were able to watch the large-screen projection of what was going on as if it were a live TV show. This could also be used to zoom in on medals or trophies or posterboards or anything you need to show to a large room.

Just make sure you have a robust WiFi system to handle the “live” stream without any lag.


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