Take a Virtual Tour of the White House With Google Earth

So we've already covered Google Earth in a previous post, but I wanted to quickly show you another cool feature that some students of mine stumbled upon (and then promptly shared with me).

If you type “The White House” into the Google Earth search bar, it will zoom in to a bird's eye view of the building. If you then drag the little orange “Street View” man and drop him on top of the White House, you will be taken inside the building:

You can now enjoy 360 degree views of the rooms and hallways of the White House. Obviously this would be great in any History, Social Studies, or Humanities class. You can also drop the street view icon in front of national landmarks and famous buildings to see them from the outside. Project the tour in front of the whole class and turn it into a fun lesson.

I am sure there are other buildings that you can tour (or there will be in the future), so feel free to leave a list of recommendations in the comments so that other readers/teachers can check them out.



One thought on “Take a Virtual Tour of the White House With Google Earth

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