Auto Play & Transition Keynote for iPad Video Slides Longer Than 60 Seconds.

Keynote for iPad is a staple in schools with iPad programs. Students are presenting to the class more and more with projects created all from an iPad. One great feature of keynote is its ability to embed video in a slide and at the end of the video, transition to the next slide. It just makes your presentation so much smoother and can make the whole thing play without any interaction. This is useful for getting everything in with a given amount of time or looping the presentation at your baking soda volcano exhibit. On keynote for mac you get 600 seconds to allow for this, on an iPad you get just 60.

Well with a little creative thinking, you can make this much longer.

Now 60 seconds for a video in the middle of a Keynote is a little long but 60 seconds is also short for any kind of good interview or in depth explanation. I was recently tasked with creating a looping keynote with a video that was 3:13 long. Everything is great until you get to the video which is made to auto play when the slide comes up. Normally you add a transition time to the slide for the length of your video but it maxes out at 60 seconds. So, we need to add some extra work for the slide to do while our video is playing before it transitions to the next slide.

So, above I've added a video and set it to auto play after it transitions in from the slide before it. That is transition 1. Next, I've created a shape and set it to 0% opacity, (You can also use Fill None).

It is set to Appear after transition 1, making it transition 2 and it's “Build Out” set for 60 seconds, that's transition 3. (You want to use Appear because there's no transition time at the beginning so your clock starts immediately or set a transition time to 0).

So, I need 3:13. I'll make 2 more transparent boxes set to start one after the other using the “After Previous Build” setting, (Shown above), for 60 seconds and one last one set to 13 seconds = 3:13

In the end, the order looks like the picture above. (You can rearrange these at will.) So, notice at the bottom of the info box, numbers 7&8. Shape disappear and movie disappear. I have movie disappear linked to shape disappear. With the “With Previous Build” setting.

With Previous Build

So now if the last slide in your presentation has a build out transition the loop will take effect and bring it all around back to the beginning with the little toggle switch shown at the top of this post. If it's a just show once thing then, no loop.

There are apps that can loop a video for you of any size but I will be adding more slides to this and it allows me to use the Keynote remote app for pausing without showing a play button on the screen if there are questions and I can go back a slide if needed.

It took me a while to get the timing right because of the transition I was trying before I figured out the 0 lead in time so if it's not fitting check your transitions again and adjust as needed.

Got a better way to do this from an iPad? Please comment below.



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