Auto Play & Transition Keynote for iPad Video Slides Longer Than 60 Seconds.

Keynote for iPad is a staple in schools with iPad programs. Students are presenting to the class more and more with projects created all from an iPad. One great feature of keynote is its ability to embed video in a slide and at the end of the video, transition to the next slide. It just makes your presentation so much smoother and can make the whole thing play without any interaction. This is useful for getting everything in with a given amount of time or looping the presentation at your baking soda volcano exhibit. On keynote for mac you get 600 seconds to allow for this, on an iPad you get just 60.

Well with a little creative thinking, you can make this much longer.

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Using QR Codes and Google Goggles in the Classroom

QR codes are those fancy pixelated images that let you encode text or web links. Apps on mobile devices can easily scan the QR to decipher the text or instantly load a website. There are a million apps that let you scan QR codes, but today I am going to focus on the official (free) Google Search app and the built-in Google Goggles image search feature.

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Cloud Storage Tutorial for Teachers and Students

I have already done a detailed post on advanced Dropbox tips for teachers, but I also wanted to do a more general post about cloud storage, give you some options, link you to some important apps, and explain why cloud storage is so important for students and teachers.

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