Apps in the Classroom – Splash Math

Splash Math is a series of apps that helps elementary school students practice pretty much every math skill imaginable. It is basically a collection of quizzes/worksheets that are dressed up with fancy graphics and animations, but the kids love it! Not only that, but the apps have some excellent stat tracking and other educational features that make it perfect for use in a classroom as a reward for early finishers or as a station in a small-group classroom setting.

Let me walk you through the features, and then I will give you links to all possible versions of the app at the end of the post (they even have demo versions available).

First awesome feature: as soon as you load the app for the first time, you can ask it to email you progress reports of whoever uses the app. This is great for emailing parents or teachers updates for each student. This will help a teacher personalize future instruction and focus on weak areas for each student.

Once students pick a character and put in their name, they are taken to the main menu (the pic at the top of this post). Control Room contains all the stats, standards, and settings. Practice lets you start taking quizzes/worksheets. Games are earned as rewards for completing worksheets and getting questions right.

If they choose Practice, they are taken to a long list of possible challenges organized by specific skills:

The students don't know this, but all the challenges are organized by common core standards. The teacher can easily look up a standard, see which quizzes go with that standard, and assign those particular quizzes to students.

The actual questions are displayed one at a time and have multiple choice answers:

Each quiz has about 20 questions, including several “challenge” questions that unlock little flying saucer icons. Students can use these icons to cash in for access to the Games from the main menu:

But what really sets the Splash Math series apart is all the stuff going on in the background. The app has a ton of amazing features that can be utilized by parents or teachers. I already mentioned the automatically generated weekly reports, but parents/teachers can pick up the iPad and then assign specific quizzes for students to do:

You can browse through all the Common Core math standards and see which worksheets correspond to each standard:

You can check out useful charts and graphs of which quizzes a student has completed to see if they are practicing all their skills:

The app keeps detailed records of which quizzes have been attempted, how many times, and what scores were received. It is very useful information for a teacher or parent.

In our school, we have purchased copies of every Splash Math level from kindergarten through fifth grade. All 6 apps are on our mobile iPad carts for the lower school teachers to utilize whenever they want. It is excellent for stations, math class, early finishers, and for different skill levels. Students can use the Splash Math app for the grade level above or below their own if they need more of a challenge or need a refresher on a previous year's skills. Since the app tracks individual students' progress, teachers can keep track of what topics to focus on in class. And most importantly: the kids really enjoy it.

Here are the links. Full versions cost $9.99:



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