Turning On Automatic App Updates in iOS 7

Just a quick note about automatic updates in iOS 7. Students can turn automatic updates on by going to Settings –> iTunes & App Store and then scrolling down to Automatic Downloads on the right. Turn it on for Apps and they will download automatically from then on.

This works even if you have turned off the App Store using restrictions! This way, apps will update without the teacher having to turn off the restrictions every time!

It also saves you from having to reenter passwords so often.


2 thoughts on “Turning On Automatic App Updates in iOS 7

    • iOS 7 completely changed a few things in order to help preserve battery life, but also added some features that drain it quicker (like the icons moving across the background when you tilt). I don’t think it would make a huge impact on your battery life. For our students, we require that they charge every night and come to school with 100% every morning. If they do that, they have more than enough battery life to make it through a school day, even with automatic updates turn on. If they don’t charge then they receive disciplinary measures equal to being “unprepared for class”.

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