Apps in the Classroom – Jasmine YouTube Client

This is just a quick post to highlight my favorite YouTube app on the iPad: Jasmine ($Free). It has several key features that make it perfect for teachers and great to use in the classroom.

Of course, this might be a good time to remind you that the best option for showing videos to students from a PC is to filter the video through or to download the video file itself via the Amerigo app.

But sometimes you need to be able to hunt down a video spontaneously without having a chance to utilize either of those other options, so Jasmine is your next best bet.

The layout is clean and easy to navigate. You start on the left and work towards the right through the menu blades as you make selections. Here are the key features that make Jasmine stand out:

  1. No ads anywhere (either in the app or via YouTube)
  2. No related videos at the end of whatever you watch
  3. Comments are not visible by default (you can load them up if you want, but this would be incredibly foolish to do in the classroom)
  4. If your school has a YouTube account, you can sign in and then have quick and easy access to any school-related uploads. We use this to show homerooms our school's uploaded news broadcasts easily and without having to hunt them down, for example.
  5. It is really easy to use so it requires no training or professional development to get your less tech-savvy teachers to utilize.

Anyway, you get the idea. Remember to never load a video you haven't prescreened at some point and never start mirroring your screen until the video is loaded and ready to go (in case other search results are inappropriate or have scandalous thumbnails). But if you need a YouTube player to install on all your teachers' personal or classroom iPads, this is a good one to choose.



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