Easily collect student Apple ID and other info direct from the user.

First off, this will require a google account & I'm not going to teach you to use Google Docs just how I used them to collect some data from the students, to make my life a little easier.

Using a lesser known service from google docs called “Forms”, I created a very simple questionnaire that the students could fill out right on their iPads and summit it straight to me and the teachers.

With Google Forms I created a simple form on my computer, but realized later I could edit it on my iPad (see above picture), and shared a link to the teachers. Then, in home room, they had all the students visit the link and simply fill out the form and submit it. All the data is sent to a spread sheet from where I was able to quickly copy and paste to other pages.

One thing to consider was how to organize the data so it could be separated into home room. I accomplished this by creating one answer that was static as to make it consistent across each home room. I used a drop down, letting the students pick from a list of their home rooms using the school codes for home rooms.

Sort by HoomRoom and copy/paste

This spreadsheet is shared with all the teachers allowing them to update passwords or lock screen codes should they change.

The spreadsheet viewed with Google Drive for iPad.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to set it all up but there are plenty of YouTube videos to help. Next year will be a piece of cake and will probably have me emailing the link home to allow parents to help fill out a more detailed version for even more quickly accessible data.

I should note that Google Forms is pretty awesome. I'll probably give a talk to the teachers on how they could use Google Forms to create self grading tests and quizzes. Again, plenty of YouTube videos on how to do it.



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