Creating Your Own Mobile iPad Cart / Lab / Charging Station

Our school has around 600 students. The middle school kids (grades 5 – 8) have individual iPads, but students in 4K, 5K, and 1st through 4th grades have to share a mobile iPad cart. The first cart we purchased was the “official” one provided by Apple, but it was not enough to provide access for 18+ lower school teachers.

We needed a second cart, but we didn’t want to pay a large sum of money for another official machine from Apple. So we made our own. Here is how we did it. Continue reading


Apps in the Classroom – Toontastic

Today’s app is a fun way of teaching your students about setting, plot, climax, resolution, and other important literary terms. Toontastic is an app that lets students create their own cartoons and animations. It is a heftier investment than many apps we cover on this blog at $19.99 (although there is a free version available for you to use to test it out), but if you want a well-made and fun app for your students to use to create some really interesting and unique projects/presentations, then it is worth the money.

Let me run you through how it works. Continue reading