Unlinking Your Credit Card From Your AppleID

When having parents set up their child's AppleID for the first time, a lot of them end up making decisions that they later regret: such as giving their teenager access to their credit card through the App Store. Other parents don't realize that there are ways to set up an AppleID without giving credit card info at all in the first place and they need to unlink it from the account after the fact.

No matter what your reason, here is a quick and easy tutorial for unlinking the credit card from your child's AppleID. Be sure to share this information with parents early in the school year.

To unlink the credit card:

  1. Click on the App Store
  2. Scroll down to the AppleID at the bottom and click it (pictured below)
  3. Click “View Account”
  4. Enter your AppleID password
  5. Click “Payment Information”
  6. Under “Payment Type” click “NONE” (pictured below)
  7. Click “Done” in the top right

Step 2

Step 6

That's all there is to it! The information is now gone permanently. If you go back into payment options and click on your previous card type or if you try to download a paid app, it will ask for all the information again; it didn't save it anywhere.

It is probably wisest if parents simply unlink the credit card and then give their children prepaid gift cards from stores.



2 thoughts on “Unlinking Your Credit Card From Your AppleID

  1. You can also sign up for an Apple ID and not have to put Credit Card information in at all. You just try to download and install an app. Apple will ask you if you want to sign in with an Apple ID or create one. You just create one and fill out all of your information, when it gets to payment info the option of NONE will be available.

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