Apps Outside the Classroom – Flickr Studio (and an Alternate Use for AppleTV)

Our school found itself with an extra HDTV and an AppleTV, so we came up with a very clever use for them. Along the way, we discovered a useful new app that lets us create a really cool tech-centered visual for all new parents and families walking into the school.

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Unlinking Your Credit Card From Your AppleID

When having parents set up their child's AppleID for the first time, a lot of them end up making decisions that they later regret: such as giving their teenager access to their credit card through the App Store. Other parents don't realize that there are ways to set up an AppleID without giving credit card info at all in the first place and they need to unlink it from the account after the fact.

No matter what your reason, here is a quick and easy tutorial for unlinking the credit card from your child's AppleID. Be sure to share this information with parents early in the school year.

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