Tips for Training Parents

If your school is instituting a 1-to-1 iPad program that provides students with “personal” iPads or otherwise allows students to take the devices home with them, then one of your top priorities needs to be training the parents.

This is absolutely critical and was one of the things that is often overlooked by schools with these programs. Even though the students might be techno-savvy wunderkinds, many parents do not fully understand the capabilities of these devices. Proper training is key to help monitor and protect students while they are using your devices off of school grounds.

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Collecting iPads at the End of the Year

After a year of utilizing iPads in the classroom, exploring students’ potential using technology, discovering new apps and new assessments strategies, and marveling at the creativity of kids of all ages, the school was left with one final, tricky, and massive iPad challenge: collecting all ~300 student iPads.

This challenge was compounded by the fact that we had to collect them AFTER exams were over, but BEFORE the kids left for the summer. Add in the students that exempted, eighth grade graduation being the day before exam make-up day, and several teachers being unsure of some of the collection requirements, and you have quite a dilemma on your hands. Here is how we approached it…

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