Apps in the Classroom – Book Creator

Book Creator ($4.99) is one of the most well-known and popular classroom apps utilized in schools with both 1-to-1 iPad distribution and grade level mobile iPad carts. It allows students to create their own books which can then be opened in iBooks and shared via email as an iBook or PDF file. So allow me to add my thumbs up to the already considerable pile of endorsements for this app.
Here are some ideas on how to use it…

Book creation is relatively simple. Basically, students are making a Keynote presentation where each slide is a page of the book, instead. Really creative students could probably come up with some pretty awesome design ideas. First they pick a size:

Then they design their cover and pages using images, text, and even sound. Remember that if you don't like their text or image options, you can always modify the picture using Skitch first and then load the edited image directly into Book Creator:

Their editing options are about as straightforward as you would expect. Utilizing other apps in conjunction will allow you to increase your creativity and the visual appeal of your books. But for younger students, everything they will need is built right into the app:

Finally, once you are done you can go back to your list of books and share them however you'd like:

If you are looking for a book creation tutorial or ideas on how to make your pages really pop out at the reader, I'm afraid I can't help you. But if you are looking for assessment ideas utilizing this app, then I've got you covered. Here are just 10 possibilities:

  1. If students read a novel in class or outside of class, have them use Book Creator to make a picture book or children's version of the novel. This will show that the students understand the characters, the plot, the setting, etc. They could even add narration for each page using the “Add Sound” option.
  2. In that same vein, you could have younger students write their own educational book, fairy tale, or fable. Have them pick a moral, some fictional animal characters, and then write a story that teaches a lesson to their classmates.
  3. Older students can write sequels to novels they read in class or they can put their creative writing assignments into book form to share with their friends or family.
  4. If you have a major class event or a major field trip, have students save their memories by making a photo journal of the event. I did this with my students after their big three day outdoor adventure field trip. I collected all the photos taken by all the parent chaperones, put them in a Dropbox folder, and shared the folder with my students so they could save and utilize the photos they wanted for their photo journal. They then read their journals to their first grade reading buddies.
  5. Have students write guidebooks to foreign countries as part of a Social Studies projects. This will require students to look up the country's geography, population, customs, history, famous landmarks, etc.
  6. Also for Social Studies, have students create a mini-textbook about an important historical event or make a mini-biography about an important person.
  7. Older students could write a relatively short foreign language “Cliff's Notes version” of a book they've read in class (good for a simple Spanish or French translation assignment).
  8. For math, students could come up with their own math challenges or brain teasers or riddles, create a book out of them, and then challenge their friends.
  9. For Science, students could make a tour book about different types of ecosystems, do a guide for different bodily systems, or do a “fan book” about a certain type of animal.
  10. If you are exploring the environment or nature around your school building, students could use the iPad to take pictures of plants, birds, and animals, and then fill out a book with all the important facts about the flora and fauna. It could even be shared with other classes looking to explore the local wildlife.

…and so on and so forth. Be sure to share any other ideas you have in the comments section.



5 thoughts on “Apps in the Classroom – Book Creator

  1. Our secondary students are preparing to go on a school trip soon and their assignment is to create a annotated photo story when they return. I could see this app being a good solution outside of the usual Keynote slide show. Thanks for the ideas and information!

  2. I used it to create my own bed story for my 3 years daughter. She loves it! I drew the illustration using Paper, capture it, and import it to this app.

    A very good and a must have app!

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