Apps in the Classroom – Photo Editing With Skitch

Today's app has two great uses: (1) I use it extensively for preparing photos for these blog posts and (2) students can use it for art, photo, and video projects in just about any subject area.

And as an added bonus, Skitch ($Free) is part of the Evernote family of apps, so it syncs online and across devices via your free Evernote account.

So right out the door we have a ton of options. You can take a photo, use a photo in your camera roll, or just start with a blank canvas. For the purposes of this blog post I will be pretending to edit a photo in my camera roll that I want to use for the blog or (if I were a student) that I want to use for a presentation.

All the edits in this photo were done in Skitch. I tried to demo as many things as I could. Here is a quick breakdown of the options from top to bottom on the toolbar on the right of the image:

  1. Arrows for pointing out things in images or screen caps
  2. Text (with or without a white or black perimeter) that can be easily enlarged to whatever size is necessary
  3. Boxes and circles
  4. Write or draw free-hand
  5. Change color and tool size
  6. Blur something
  7. Crop part of the photo
  8. Put little icons in the image with optional tiny directional arrows and a smaller text description (good for adding small labels to the image)

All of the above features are demoed in the image except for the crop function. Before I started using Skitch, I had to jump between three or four different apps to edit my photos before posting them to the blog.

As I said before, this tool is also super useful for students. I've had students label items inside photos they were using for presentations, create more attractive title cards or subtitled images for video projects, create attractive book covers when making a children's book, mess with photos for art class, and just send each other (and me) clever little things they came up with or made. I'm sure older students would use it to make random internet memes, but even that can be rolled into a lesson if you are creative.

The home screen showing all your images (even ones you made on other devices)

Once you are done with your edits, you can email it, mirror it via AirPlay, save it to your camera roll, or (since everything you do via Evernote apps gets synced on their online servers) you can create a public link to share the image with others.

That is one of the coolest things about these Evernote apps: you can access your stuff online via a web browser on an iPad, mobile device, or regular computer. Free members get 60 MB or so of bandwidth per month, which is plenty. When you log into your account via a browser it looks like this:

Now you can save your photos to your computer or access them if you are away from your personal devices. Super convenient!


3 thoughts on “Apps in the Classroom – Photo Editing With Skitch

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