Apps Outside the Classroom – Scanning Documents and Creating PDF’s

FasterScan HD+ = The best scanning app our school has found thus far.

One thing a lot of teachers probably wish they had in the classroom is a fully-featured scanner. If you have iPads in the classroom, having a scanner would let you create digital copies of all those primary documents, old worksheets, and other resources you've amassed throughout the years. You could easily share copies of this stuff via a classroom website or resource folder without having to waste the time or paper running to the copy room. Students could just load up the scanned material on their iPads.

Well, if you have an iPad, then you have a scanner.

FasterScan HD+ comes in both free and paid ($4.99) varieties, but I highly recommend you get the paid version so you can utilize the export feature to send your documents to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and so on.

The way it works is simple. Let's say you have an old pamphlet or newspaper clipping you use in your classroom that you want to scan into your computer (for both preservation and to distribute to students). Just load the app and click the icon labeled “Create a document by taking photos right now” in the image above. Aim your iPad camera at the document and take the photo…

You will then be given the option to set the perimeter. If you move those green boxes in the photo above, you can change the perimeter of the photo. Only the stuff between the lines will be saved as a page of your document. The click “Next” in the bottom right…

You can now choose to rotate the image or change whether to keep it in color or black and white. Some documents are easier to read on the iPad if you convert them to black and white. When done, hit “Save”. You can then repeat the process with as many more pictures are you like. Each picture will become a page of your scanned document.

When done, you can choose the file name and even what size document it will be saved as:

Another option might be to make a document out of photos you've already taken. Clicking that icon on the homescreen will bring up a list of photos in your camera roll:

Just pick the photos, set the borders, pick the color mode, and save. Boom, easy document.

A list of your documents will show up on the app's main screen. You can even organize them into folders.If you are a teacher, this could be a different folder for each subject. If this iPad is being used by multiple students (such as an with a mobile iPad lab cart), then each folder could be for a different student.

In fact, you can even set individual passwords for every folder. Each student could have a password-protected folder that other users of the iPad couldn't access (although they could still delete the folder):

You can export your documents as either images or PDF's in a bajillion different ways if you have the paid version, including to Evernote and to Dropbox:

Overall, a very intuitive and useful app for a classroom. It also is great for making sure you don't lose any of the resources you've saved up over the years.

And if you have trouble using it there are tons of in-app tutorials:



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