Beware the VPP – My trouble with Apple Volume Purchasing Program

If you read my article, iPad Cart Guide – Managing Maintaining – App Distribution in iTunes | SchooliPads you might not ever need to use Apple’s VPP & if you can avoid it, you’re better off. Here’s a few of my reasons why.

VPP support.

I know it it’s seems really close to “VIP” but there nothing farther from it. Support for any issue with Apple can usually be cleared up with a phone call or a trip to the Genius Bar if available but not for us lucky VPPs. There is no live support. Everything you do with a VPP account is only through email and that email address is hidden until you get feedback from the support staff. You start with just an online form you fill out.

It says at the top that they will get back to you in 24 hours but that has not happened for me. My current problem has had me waiting for a response for 72 hours. So, who to complain to? Fill out the form. Yea, call Apple support and they will get you to the right web page so you can get support about not receiving support.

It’s really a mess and I’m sure they have people trying to make it a better experience but with millions of people with iDevices that have a phone number to call for support and me as a tech trying to manage a school full of Apple devices, spending thousands of dollars trying to make it all work, I kind of feel abandoned by Apple. They had reps come in and sell the staff and parents on this great wonder product and that was the last I heard from them. You can read my first real bad experience with the VPP here: VPP Apple Configurator & Multiple Carts or Locations | SchooliPads

There are some benefits to the VPP for app distribution but it has less to do with apple and more to do with our MDM. I’ll post on that, tomorrow.


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