Apps Outside the Classroom – Seating Charts (and more) With TeacherKit

Today's app is a convenient little tool that you can use to set up a seating chart in your class, track student attendance and grades, and leave comments about behavior: TeacherKit ($Free).

When you load up the app, you start by creating your classes. You can make as many as many as you need to. In the photo above, you can see the three different classes I teach spread across two different school years.

You can add descriptions to the class or even a group class photo, if necessary. Once you are done that part, load up the class and start adding students.

Their names are normally visible but I blurred them out in the photo.

As you add students to your class, you can include contact information for them: parents' names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. This is convenient for teachers who can't get to this information easily. At my school, all family contact information is accesssible via the internet, so I don't use these features on TeacherKit.

Once you have all your students entered, you click on the chair icon in the top left which switches from alphabetical ordering to seating chart mode. You can then click and drag any of the students anywhere on the screen to set up a seating chart.

I set up the seating chart at the beginning of the year. On the first day of school, I take photos of all the students and add them to their profile in TeacherKit. Then I take a screenshot of my iPad screen (home button + lock screen button simultaneously), load the photo in my camera roll, and AirPrint it to a color printer. Now I have a full seating chart with pictures of the students. Do you know how thankful substitute teachers are when you provide them with something like that?

TeacherKit can also keep track of grades, attendance, and behavior. You can backup and restore the data to Dropbox or you can send it in an email attachment. Overall, a really cool app that helps you stay organized.

And hey: it's free.


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