Apps In The Classroom – Evernote. Absolutely Essential.

Why use Evernote? Because even if your iPad is sacrificed to the molten lava of Pelé, you will never lose your notes. Open Evernote and your presented with all your notes sorted by latest entry or modification. Pull down on the little elephant tab to get the big picture.

Pull down on the elephant to open the tabs menu.

You now see a whole plethora of options and areas to explore.

We're going to concentrate on Notebooks. This where the heart is and where students will be going when teacher says to take notes. So, tap the Notebook tab. From here we can add an unlimited number of subjects and inside, an unlimited number of notes.

Let's go to science class. I've created two notes for examples, create more with the +, top right.

Tap open a note and then tap anywhere to start editing or adding to the existing note. You'll notice the extra row above the keyboard for rich text editing.

At the top there are some really great tools. Take a voice memo or record a part of a lecture. Not only note taking but add a pic to your note for detailed info. Take a picture of the white board directly from the app or insert a saved pic from your camera roll.

Close the note and it is immediately saved via wifi, to the Evernote servers in the cloud. (Doesn't take up any iCloud space;)

So we have a great note taking app and your notes can never be lost, they are even accessible from any web browser so if you just forget your device and it didn't actually get destroyed by fire, your still safe.

Let me know how you use Evernote. Comment below.



5 thoughts on “Apps In The Classroom – Evernote. Absolutely Essential.

    • Yes, if there were say, a school account or class account anyone logged in would have access to edit or delete notes. Also, it would become very confusing after a few students started filling up space. All that is required is an email address so students use their existing account they set up for iCloud.

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