Syncing Bookmarks from Computer to iPad

Mercury Browser; just one of several options.

This is just a quick guide for various methods and apps you can use to sync your computer's bookmarks to your iPad. One of the things that keeps new teachers from using their iPads is that they already have everything set up on their PC or Mac and just don't want to bother transferring everything over to the iPad. This post should help you get over that:

1) Chrome: If you have a Google account and use Chrome on your computer, you can simply install the free Chrome app, sign into your account, and it will keep everything in sync. I personally avoid Chrome, however, because I feel like I already give Google enough of my personal information.

2) Mercury Browser: ($0.99) This is a great alternate browser for iPad and I actually use it more than Safari. It has built-in AdBlock, good password saving, can be linked to Dropbox, and can sync with either Chrome or Firefox from your computer. I sync it with Firefox and it even sets up a copy of my bookmark toolbar below the address bar. The picture at the top of this post is from Mercury.

3) Safari/iCloud: If you are a Mac user and have the same iCloud account on your iPad and Mac computer, Safari should keep everything in sync for you. Make sure they are the same accounts and you have Safari turned to “On” in the iCloud menu under Settings.

4) XMarks: This is a browser plugin for your computer that lets you see all your bookmarks by logging in on their website. Might be redundant if using one of these other methods, but it is useful for looking up your bookmarks on somebody else's device or when logged into a lab or public computer.

5) Symbaloo: This site lets you create a grid of picture links to various sites/bookmarks (called a “webmix”). You can then set Symbaloo as your homepage on any computer, your iPad, and in any browser. Or you can go to the website and log in to access your bookmarks from anybody else's device or any random computer. Another great use of this site it to set up a school-approved webmix with all the sites students could possibly need, and then set all the computers in a computer lab to use Symbaloo as their homepage with access to the school webmix. The computer enrichment teacher can then easily provide links to new sites to all students in the lab by just logging in and changing/updating the school webmix.

The default webmix. You can change every icon to link to any bookmark you want.



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