Apps Outside the Classroom – AppsGoneFree – A Great Place of Discovery for Teachers.

There are thousands of apps that go on sale or free every day and there are plenty of apps that will tell you so. One app that puts that in to perspective a little bit is Apps Gone Free (free in the App Store). Everyday, you are presented with a short list of apps that have reduced their price to Free. Now that's not amazing or anything except for the fact that they have been tested and found to actually have some real value before being blindly added to the list.

Not everyday is there an educational app but its pretty close. I have found countless apps from here that I then share with the teachers that I think might benefit.

One problem is that these are usually for a very limited time, usually 24 hours. When the app is updated that day, which is pretty random but around mid day, I get a notification that the new batch is ready to check out as a push notification on my lock screen or under notifications if I happen to be using my iPad at the time. Anyway, I open it up and scroll through the short list, never more than 10, and see if there's anything that looks good.

A graphing calculator that also includes iCloud support to save equations if the iPad is lost or damaged.

I've gone back a few days but I can see that this app is still free because of the slash through the 1.99 of it's usual price. This next one however has expired and the price has gone back to normal. Missed it.

So, there's 2 educational apps from totally different sides of the school, but plenty of teachers would love to have in their arsenal.

Then there's all around utility apps that would be great for any teacher. Our school tries to avoid playing any streamed content from YouTube or other video sharing sites because sometimes you just don't know what your going to get or what pops up as related when the video is finished. So, here's one I found just today that went out in an email to all our teachers.

This app allows streaming video to be downloaded to the device and even saved to the devices camera roll or Dropbox. I was able to download video from our local news channel's web page as well as YouTube that can then be played directly from the device or even imported in to other projects. There's also the benefit to not have your video stall out while buffering. Priceless and free.

By the time you read this its probably not free anymore so, get your entire school staff set up with this and let the discovery begin.



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