See all your installed Apps on Every device, Meraki

Using the Meraki MDM we are able to check for installed apps that violate our schools policies. Every now and then, at least once a week, I am able to open up Meraki and look for a few apps we have banned the kids from installing. Any messaging apps other than iMessage are not allowed and one in particular is Snapchat. I have scrolled down and found Snapchat in my list and clicked it. Scroll back to the top and I get the info on the device it’s installed on.

Snapchat installed, Busted!

I can scroll through the list of installed apps but there are literally thousands. So, at the top is Search. I’ll search for a popular messaging app called, kik.

13 installs of kik messenger.

Name and home room are displayed as our standardized naming convention. Now to hand out the demerits.

NOTE: Scrolling through your apps list has a strange quirk. I don’t know where the separation is but you can scroll down through your apps and get to A, it then starts a second list with a new Z-A of completely different apps. So, it’s best to stick with the Search function.

Z-A again. Use Search.


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