Keep em covered, BookBook NOT a great idea.

As the school was supplying the iPads to the students we didn’t want them broken so we also decided to supply the cover. We choose a local company, Twelve South. They make the very popular Book Book covers for everything Apple. They even sell them in the Apple Retail Stores.

They are really good looking and even though they were very expensive they would certainly protect our iPads from just about anything the kids could throw t em.

THIS IS WRONG! These are kids and they can destroy anything and the Book Book cover was pretty easy to destroy.

First, the zipper. It’s the first to go. The kids will unzip the cover a little and then rip them the rest of the way, that if they even bother to zip them. When the bell rings, stopping to close and zip is far too much time to waste on protecting someone else’s property.

Second, getting to the camera. These are kids and they LOVE to take pictures. The Book Book cover has no hole for the camera until it is unzipped, unsnapped and unfolded completely. So, once unfolded the cover hangs down and pulls on the pretty thin leather and most of them have ripped on the corners. Again, now that the ipad has been unzipped and unsnapped there is a pretty good chance it’s going to stay that way.

To Twelve South’s credit, they are very forgiving. We have been able to exchange at least half of them and we are just now 2/3 through the year. Twelve South will stop doing exchanges after the first year. Some of these kids will be here another 3 years… We will be asking the students to use their own covers, if they wish next year.

The Book Book covers were very expensive but for kids it’s just too much work to get to the creamy center to have ever been worth it. I hope we are able to resell some of them after the school year.


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