AirPrint for the Entire School… Cheap.

Ok, this is a good one. My school is already setup with a printer in every classroom. They are not AirPrint ready but they are networked or connected to a computer on the network.

Here I’ll show you how I have all my network printers setup so I can use AirPrint to be able to print from an ipad to them using one copy of FingerPrint. I think it was $25.

This can be done with any computer on the same network but in this case I’m using a windows 2008 server because no one has access to it but me.

So, one the computer I’m going to install fingerprint, pretty straight forward, just follow the directions. You don’t have to do anything special for this to work.

Now, install a new printer.

Choose “Add a local printer”

Create a new port, Standard TCP/IP Port

Enter the IP of the networked printer and change the port name to something you can recognize later. It will help keep you sane.

Install drivers of coarse.

Share the printer, I use the classroom number as the name of the printer.

Once installed you can bring up fingerprint and you’ll see it listed automatically.

See room 202 listed on the left?

Now you can check it on your iPad and do a test print.

So, every printer I setup locally, on that machine, if shared, will be listed in my printers list when I’m on the same network.

I had some trouble with some of the printers. In a few cases it just wouldn’t print but no reason why. I found that unchecking duplex printing for that printer or setting the printer settings to always scale, fixed it.


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