Notifications, Pop Ups & SOUNDS

When the teacher or students are presenting to the class via airplay mirroring to the projector, no one wants a message from mom to pop up…To ensure that your iPad does not display any unwanted pop-ups or play any “New Message” noises, you have to follow these steps:1) Go to “Settings”2) In the left menu, click “Notifications”


3) On the right, click “Messages” to bring up a list of notifications for iMessage4) Turn “Notification Center” at the top to “Off”5) Click “None” (the left-most option) under “Alert Style”6) Click “Text Tone” and then choose “None”7) Scroll down and click “View in Lock Screen” to “Off”



Doing all of this will ensure that your child can still send and receive iMessags, but they will not receive annoying pop-ups, previews, or alert messages. This will keep them from getting in trouble when they receive messages they might not have wanted or expected during school hours.



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