iCloud – Use It …it’s free…

This is how I explain using iCloud & why to parents, students & staff.

This is very important as not doing so can cause the iPad to be wiped out when installing school related apps since there is no backup to restore it from. iCloud is a free service that comes from Apple when you register for an Apple ID. Please, check your child’s iPad for the iCloud Backup setting and make sure it is on. See below.

Set Up Restrictions

Set Up Restrictions

Additionally, look directly at the 4 major apps that are used in school. Pages, Keynote, Numbers & Neu.Annotate. Each of these also allow for individual Document backups for added protection and can, in some cases, allow the student to retrieve a document or presentation from any computer connected to the internet.




When a kid breaks their iPad I need to quickly replace it. If the kid has iCloud on and backed up. I can pull a spare off the shelf, plug in his Apple Creds and it restores all his apps but it then tries to restore the school bought apps. Here is where I cancel those installs, log in to the school account and just install the school apps. i.e. Pages, Keynote and neu.Annotate. There are plenty more but those are the main ones as they, once installed, download all of the students work back to the iPad via iCloud.

Use it!




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